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Versturen van pakketten van woensdag 15 september wordt donderdag 16 september. 

Voor de lekkerste (ook Biologische) Boerenkaas, Ambachtelijke (en Biologische) Droge Worst en meer lekkers. De lekkerste droge worst koop je bij 

Verzending; Woensdagmiddag (zie de algemene voorwaarden voor de lange tekst)

Verzendkosten (Ned): € 6.50 (incl. 9% btw) per pakket tot 23 kilo Let op; u mag hierbij natuurlijk ook een afhaal adres invoeren. 

€ 4.50 (incl. 9% btw) voor een brievenbuspakketje. 

Verzenden naar België € 9.00 en Duitsland kost € 9.50 per pakket.

U mag uw bestelling op afspraak en na betaling ook afhalen.

Ordering from foreign countries

Good day,

You can order from from other countries and enyoy my selection of hand made local products at home.

Cheese and dried sausages will be sent vacuum packed, of course.


Find out what you like and put it into the shop-basket.


Afther that you fill in your personal information, and if I am wright, the shop will tell you what your costs and total bill will be.

But that will probably not be wright, I am terribly sorry for that.


Than choose; vooruit betalen, but please don't pay right away

I will receive your order by mail, and will check what the weigt of your order is going to be.

After that I'll send you a mail, telling you what the costs of shipment for your parcel is going to be.

Be aware; out of Europe, a pakkage will be billed by kilo extra on top of the basic sending costs. It wil be expencive.

For example; a order of 3 kilo's to Japan is +- € 22 + € 5,- per kilo!

Than, when you agree, you can pay the normal way; by bank. (you have extra costs for paying to a European bank)


The information you 'll need for paying your bill:

Bankaccount Giro/Ing: 2922275

My name:                       M. S. Schuring Oudehaske

IBAN:                             NL79INGB0002922275

BIC:                               INGBNL2A

Thank you very much.

With kind regards,

Marianne Schuring 

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